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The Color Pink and Valentine’s Day Outfits

Updated: May 3, 2022

by Helena Spydell

Most people can agree that pink is an absolutely gorgeous color. What many fail to recognize

is how it also continues to have a major cultural impact, especially during and around Valentine’s Day. It is widely accepted that pink is a very light shade of red, but, surprisingly, it often has a more bluish tint. Naturally, it appears on clear nights, when it dazzles those gathered to watch the sunset by painting streaks across the sky. The color was originally named after a flower that had a light pink tint, and the word was first used as a color name during the late 17th century. However, authors and poets had described the color for centuries prior to it being named, and artists have used it in their masterpieces since before the Renaissance. The color has also appeared extremely frequently in fashion and has had an important symbolism throughout modern history, along with being closely associated with the Valentine's Day holiday.

Throughout history pink has had an important social meaning. In the 1700’s, it was seen time and time again in numerous articles of fashion. It was often linked to romance, with the mistress of King Louis XV championing the color, and it appeared frequently in portraits of upper class women. In the 1800’s, however, the color began to shift meanings. Pink was most often worn by young boys during this century, as well as being painted into portraits of mothers and children. More recently, in the early 1900s, pink began to be seen as a purely feminine color. It is now closely related to women and femininity, with the color being popular in baby showers for girls as well as within the clothing worn by young girls. In the media, it is a rare event to see a male celebrity wearing pink, while women on the red carpet are often adorned in pink dresses or accessories.

Pink is frequently used in association with Valentine’s Day, which is known as the day of love. Starting in mid-January, Valentine’s Day products, embellished with bright hues of red, white, and pink begin to pop up on countless shelves in grocery stores.

Because the color pink is so closely associated with Valentine's Day, there are countless individuals who decide to incorporate the color into their outfits during that time. If one is lucky enough to be spending the day with a significant other, they may be leaning towards pink clothing articles in order to display romance. Pink also happens to be extremely versatile when used in fashion. It can be used as a statement, as well as a base piece of clothing. To dress it down, one could choose a light blush shirt with high waisted jeans, paired with white shoes, and to top it off add a bright pink headband. This outfit could be suitable for a casual Valentine’s Day brunch or a small outing with friends. Another beautiful Valentine’s Day outfit featuring a pink piece of clothing would be the use of a dress. The dress itself could be a bright or a more blush pink, which could be paired with dainty ruffle socks and white shoes or Mary Janes. If it happens to be colder, layer a white long sleeve shirt under the dress, or a black leather jacket over it. Pair this with gold jewelry, and one could wear this to a more formal lunch or outing, or to a casual Valentine’s Day dinner. There are countless other ways to wear the color pink, such as a long dress for formal occasions, or as a monochrome statement outfit, due to the versatility of this beautiful color. Try to incorporate it into your Valentine’s Day outfits in order to pay tribute to the holiday.

All in all, pink has had an incredible significance for centuries, and is commonly associated with Valentine’s Day. Valentine’s Day outfits with the color pink can range from casual to formal, although they are all beautiful and are sure to make a statement during the holiday.


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