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Valentine Stories

Updated: May 3, 2022

by Kalika Patel

Les fleurs

Love to me was being able to see a garden full of flowers while absentmindedly taking joy in all of them and feeling the subtle delight they had brought. That was until I had noticed one specific flower out of the many wondrous patterns, colors, and smells. You are that only flower, taking my mind away from all of the beauties in the world. Here you are distracting me. You aren’t even in the room and you captivate me. I didn’t choose to freely seek you out of the rows and rows of plants, but you stood out to me. Shining through the rest as if you wanted me to notice you. And I do. And I have never regretted it ever since. Because ever since then, I have felt as if my life has been filled with more beauty than any garden of flowers could ever present to me. You, my one single flower, has blossomed an endless abundance of flowers for me that will never wither away.

My definitions of Love

Before you I had only ever imagined three kinds of love. The love of my family who have always been there for me, my friends who I hold dear to me, and animals that never showed a judgment of me. Yet you have brought a whole new love to me that I never knew existed. One that I can’t classify as simply as the three I have had before. I feel accepted. I want to be a better person not just for myself, but for you. I’m softer and I’m whole. You make me feel as if nothing in the world matters besides joy and as if all negativity has flown away. I can only see happiness. You make me want to live, and you are my love. Instead of having a definition for love, you are the whole of it.

The Both of Us

This is our love story. I don’t exactly know how to describe it besides relaying the bitterness of the pure emotions I feel. Love isn’t always the feeling of floating on the moon or feeling as if you can do absolutely anything and everything. However, I do admit that you have somehow created that and more for me, even if we did have our ups and downs. I think that’s why our love story beats the rest. Because no matter how you look at it, you have engulfed me entirely, and I will never be able to breathe without you, because darling you are my breath, and you are my everything. That is how you make me feel and I feel beyond blessed to be able to share these feelings with you. To share love with you.

Love Comes Naturally

I used to hate Valentine's Day for as long as I can remember, until you. I used to think of couples as cringy and the sappy stuff as boring. However, I slowly start to find myself anticipating our baking dates, watching movies together, and even, simply, being in each other's presence. I have learned that love isn’t something I should ignore, but should accept. I want to do the sappy things with you, because being able to do even absolutely nothing with you fills me entirely. Love, am I right?


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