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Animals that Spend their Eternity with their One and Only

Updated: May 3, 2022

by Caleb Rogart

Love and long-term relationships are not exclusive to humans, as it can be found in a variety of species across the globe. The BBC notes that it is estimated that statistically only 3% to 5% of all mammal species, excluding humans, form monogamous relationships. However, one species that do are the famous gray wolves. Wolves are especially unique, however, in that only the male and female alphas are permitted to breed, as guarding one’s mate against advances is far easier than defending multiple partners, ensuring their position as top dog.

Another life-long mating species that is the less vicious but still troublesome is the beaver. While American beavers mate outside of their original partners, the Eurasian beavers maintain one. This pairing is due to bringing a higher chance of survival in an environment that provides them with a primary food source of tree bark, which is not very nutritious. By pairing up, the mates can ensure all will be done proficiently and well while splitting the workload in half between the two.

It is not just organisms belonging to the class Mammalia that mate for life, but also Aves, or as most people know them, birds. One seemingly off-putting animal to some is the black vulture, which in reality is quite remarkable. Once a male locates a partner, a courtship ritual ensues that can sometimes finish in a mid-air mating dance. This dance is the beginning of a long relationship with that very same partner. Even more interesting, if a partner is caught cheating, the rest of the flock will attack them with such ferocity to ensure any other vultures who might consider cheating in the future will be put off.

One less harsh case can be found in the everloving barn owls. The owls may begin their courtship with thoughtful and touching gifts including the likes of dead mice. If all goes well, the male screeches and in return hears the ever sweet sound of corocking from females Every spring, the pair re-establishes their bond with courtship rituals such as flights, calls, and food offerings. These food offerings may even be the same mice or creatures that the pair first bonded over. While it is true this may be purely a coincidence, but it is sweet all the same.


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