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PLHS Club Profile: Cinema Club

Updated: May 3, 2022

by Chelsea Plunkett

The Cinema Club at Point Loma High School aims to unite students with a love for film through weekly meetings to discuss and watch movies.

Cinema Club meets on Mondays at lunch in room 880, where they discuss movies they have watched and what they want to see next. They also meet on Thursdays after school, watching the movies they have chosen.

Cinema Club's staff advisor is Brian Compagnone, an English teacher advising the club to gauge interest for his senior elective class, Film Arts.

"Film Arts is an elective for seniors. It is an A-G art requirement credit. If you study the art of film, you probably get to watch between 25 and 30 movies a year."

Sarah Ferreira and Kate Yamashiro, two Point Loma sophomores, began the club last month.

"We decided to start it because we had two seniors come into our class and talk about how fun it was that they made clubs when they were in 10th grade, and we thought it'd be fun to do it for the rest of high school together," Yamashiro said.

"I like movies a lot," Ferreira added. "My parents are really cultured when it comes to movies. They were annoying because they'd pause it every five minutes to explain what's happening, but it's nice because then after we watch it with friends, we can be like, oh, so this is what this means."

Although the club is small in student population, Ferreira and Yamashiro believe their club will positively impact students at Point Loma High.

"Someday, when you have children, and you're showing them movies, you can say, 'I watched that back at cinema club, and it was a really great time,'" Yamashiro said.


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