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Get to Know the GSA Club!

Updated: May 3, 2022

by Max Allen

Walking into the GSA Club of Point Loma High School, a feeling of calm and safety washes over you. The club, with the support of advisor Mrs. Pomerleau, works to make PLHS a more accepting space. But their bi-weekly Friday meetings are also a fun and uplifting environment where the focus is put on the positive!

Mrs. Pomerleau, the advisor of the club, emphasized the importance of the GSA, as it “provides an inclusive and safe environment for students to express ideas and opinions in an effort to make the campus more inclusive.” She has really enjoyed having been the club’s advisor for three years now, crediting her positive experience to all of the great students that are involved with the club.

Currently, those students are working on distributing pride stickers to teachers, who will place them in their rooms if their classrooms are a safe place for everyone. Small but powerful acts such as these characterize GSA.

The club wants everyone to know that an easily accessible safe place for them exists on campus, and their overall message to Point Loma High School is that the GSA is “not just for people in the LGBTQ+ community, it’s for everyone as long as they’re supportive. Everyone is welcome here!”

The Gay-Straight Alliance meets every other Friday in room 452 (Mrs. Pomerleau’s room), and she can be reached out to with any questions at


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