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Birdie on the Court

Updated: Oct 27, 2019

By Michelle Avina

Mid-April means that a month and half remains of badminton season. The 2019 season is coached by our school’s computer technician, Jaime Medina, and school’s counselor, Evelyn Uribe. Their knowledge, combined with the experience of the senior captains Sarah Munoz and Nelson Poole, leads a group of 37 badminton players. Both captains have demonstrated dedication and commitment in the past four years, placing them in a great position to lead others on the team. So far this season, the badminton team holds a record of 3-4-0. The Pointers beat both of their biggest rivals, Cathedral and Lincoln High School, with a score of 15-2. 📷

Badminton made its first appearance in the 1972 Summer Olympics in Munich, as a demonstration sport. It wasn’t until two decades later that the sport debuted in competition in the 1992 Barcelona Olympics. Badminton’s late official appearance,compared to sports like baseball (1839) and basketball (1891), explains why it’s not a highly popular sport. But its popularity is increasing rapidly. Badminton’s most recent addition is mixed doubles. Senior Nelson Poole says that he “...enjoys playing mixed doubles because I get a better understanding of my partner and I can improve my communication skills.”

Just like other sports on campus, the team’s bond strengthens throughout the season and produces a supportive family. Second year badminton player Ayessa Ordanez comments that her “...favorite thing about badminton is probably how we all become a family after the end of each season. Even if players don’t continue the next season, we’re all still friends and it just becomes a tight group. Even during practices or tournaments, there’s always something great about being a part of the group. Win or lose, everyone has a great time cheering each other on or even challenging each other to be better.” In addition, Senior captain Sarah Munoz states that “the thing I like most about badminton is how humble it is. There's no prestige, no real bragging rights, for being the best. You just play it to have fun. And it is A LOT of fun.” 📷

Last year’s 2018 season was highly successful for Point Loma’s badminton team. For the third year in a row, a group of Pointers qualified to compete at the prestigious State Championships. Sarah Munoz and Alexia Vazquez as women’s doubles, and Michelle Avina and Nelson Poole as mixed doubles represented Point Loma in their attempt to obtain a State Championship title. We hope that the badminton team ends their season with an amazing record and that they bring home some CIF/State Championships medals.


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