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Women in STEM Club

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

By Mare Sutphen

As more women pursue the sciences, there is a heightened interest in bringing them together to bond over what they have in common. Sarah Thompson has taken this matter into her own hands through the Women in STEM club at Point Loma High. Since heading the club, she has revamped the meetings, brought in new speakers, and created new projects and activities for her members. She has also brought in new members, hoping to inspire them to achieve their goals in the fields they choose. This club not only affects its members, but also the community. Every month, they partake in STEM day at Dana Middle School, talking to younger students who are considering careers in the sciences. Sarah and the girls have learned so much from this. They have really made a difference in young lives. They hope to inspire the kids they talk with to realize that once you are truly invested in your goals, you can help others to achieve theirs. Sarah aims to not only keep bringing in new members, but also to help girls remember that women too can explore the sciences. She helps her club members explore the vast aspects of STEM and the different careers that can come out of it. I was given the privilege of joining the club for a meeting, and it was obvious from the beginning how ecstatic the girls were to be there. Women in STEM offers education outside of the classroom and new opportunities. To join this club, contact Sarah at (619) 512-7025 or drop in on one of their meetings in Ms. Schulze’s room, 453, at lunch on Thursday’s. 📷📷


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