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April Advice

Updated: Dec 14, 2021

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Dear K&S,

There’s a girl in a couple of my classes who my friends are convinced has a crush on me. I think she might be a cool person to get to know, but every time I try to smalltalk my way into a conversation, she seems to wish I would leave. What should I do?

Thank you.

Dear Unsigned,

It depends on what you want. Are you interested in dating this girl, possibly becoming her friend, or something else?

If you want to date her, then ask her out. If you just want to be friends, and she keeps ignoring you, give her some space. If she really has a crush on you (which might not be true), then your presence might be making her nervous. Give her some time to get over you and then she'll be more inclined to try to be your friend.

Good luck,



Dear K&S,

What are some pros and cons to taking AP classes? All I know is they're hard and I'm lazy.


It depends on your grade. If you're going to be a sophomore I recommend taking at least one AP class; a good one would be AP World History. If you’ll be a Junior next year, take two: AP US history and AP Biology or AP English Language. If you are lazy, then don’t take any of the AP sciences because they are always a lot of homework. As a senior, I would recommend 3 AP classes, for example, AP Literature, as well as an AP of your choice like psychology. (Note that for senior year you also have the choice of taking Mesa classes like Political Science and English.) It's most important that you pick an advanced placement class that interests you. Some pros of AP are that you will be better prepared for the college workload, and that the weight of the class helps you get into college.




Dear K&S,

Lately it's been really cold in the morning so I dress warmly, but then it gets really hot in the afternoon. How should I dress?


Dear weirdweatherworrier,

There's a few strategies you can employ to overcome your weather-appropriate clothing struggles. The simplest thing you can do is to dress for warm weather is to wear layers. Wear a warm jacket or hoodie over a t-shirt. As the day goes on and the heat gets up, you can simply take off your top layer and tie it around your waist or put it in your locker/backpack. If the hassle of dealing with the extra layer the entire day for two hours of comfort isn't worth it, you can wrap yourself up in a blanket in the morning and leave it in the car. You might be cold for passing period, but it's a small price to pay for a lighter load. Plus, you get to show off your outfit for the whole day. You could also opt for a scarf or gloves or even hand warmers instead of a hoodie or jacket. Stay warm (and cool)!




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