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Academic Team Brain Brawl

Updated: May 3, 2022

By Pointer Press Staff

Even after the three days of first semester finals, NJROTC students still had academics on their mind. A competition at Troy High School in Orange County was held, and the Point Loma High School NJROTC Academics Team sent out a varsity and JV squad.

The PLHS NJROTC Varsity Academics Team (left to right), Jakob Guenberg, varsity team captain James‌ ‌Hochbrueckner, Emmerson McNulty, and Lu Brimhall

PLHS NJROTC JV Academics Team members (left to right), Clara Conway, JV team captain Loki Webster

Competition at Troy High School.

At the end of the intense competition, the awards ceremony announced the winners. This competition was particularly large, with 20 other teams fighting for the trophies.

The JV team did really well, considering most of the members were new, and took 9th place out of 20th.

In addition to the solid JV performance, the varsity did amazing. They went up to semi-finals, and while they were knocked out of the tournament, they took 6th place. Usually 6th place doesn’t get a trophy, but since there were such a large number of teams participating, the varsity team earned a trophy to bring back home.

Congratulations to the team and their hard efforts! More NJROTC news is to come as the year goes by! If the program sounds interesting and you would like to switch in, please email your counselors and the NJROTC teachers.

The team and the Area 11 manager, who is in charge of multiple JROTC programs.


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