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You Are So Creative

Updated: Dec 13, 2018

By Mr. Wells

"You are so creative….” I hear that a lot. Yes, I see things in different ways. Why? How does someone become “creative”? Is it learned? Are you born with it? Dunno, maybe a combination of both. I do know it is a wonderful place to be: in Imagination Land, where there are no limits and all ideas are good ones.

When I was growing up, I had my art and that was about it. I moved many times throughout my childhood, attended roughly 8 different schools until graduating from high school. It was easy to make friends. I would draw something and give it to them. BINGO!

Mr. Wells' middle school art

Easiest conversation starter. It wasn’t until we moved recently, that I found my little clutch of artwork. Seriously, it helped me make it through the uncertainty of adolescence. I was an artist! And I still identify as an artist.

It seems that there is a misconception about creative thought; that it’s only a diversion and a hobby, not a viable career path. Really? Someone pays me to teach the creative process. What about the shoes on your feet? The clothes you’re wearing, the car you came to school in? Someone designed them! Yep, people pay for creative thought, and this can be a lot money. Video games make far more money than live action movies, and they hire artists to visualize the sets, characters, costumes and effects we all enjoy.

High school art

So, I made it work for me. I went to college, took my tests, did my student teaching (in a 1st grade classroom!). Every day I come to an art room to talk about drawing and painting and sculpture, and they PAY ME! Best job ever.

What about you? Maybe you don’t know you’re creative. Have you tried? It’s scary and uncomfortable to try things outside your comfort zone. The best creative environments have no penalty for being too creative. (i.e., failure and change are part of the process). Sometimes this is hard to find. Time is also always a problem because there’s never enough of it.

What about you? I guess the answer is “who are you?” What have you seen, done, thought about, experienced that affected you? Everyone comes with their own experiences and you can express them creatively. Doesn’t matter what form: dance, music, voice, drawing, acting…. Doesn’t matter. What is art? Doesn’t matter. It’s the thought behind the expression that matters. You matter. So show us. Don’t be afraid. Nobody understands art. And I like it that way.

Above: some current works


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