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Winter Creative Writing

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

By Kalika Patel

Winter is Here

Winter storms in, casting shadows above me. A cooling chill makes me shiver the warmth in my body away. Raw sensations creep around my skin, numbing me. The moon replaces the sun, creating a gentle atmosphere in the streets in front of me. The lights glow with a soft luminescence, and I am reminded of the still world around me. I reach up and touch my face, noticing the tiny damp cotton balls resting upon my face. They are laced with the feeling of pleasant kisses, being peppered along my nose. Ah, Winter is here.

Beneath The Chill

The first words to come to my mind when thinking of Winter are icy, cold, depression, blankets, and isolation. Many people’s first impressions of Winter are that it is a sad season, where individuals tend to stray away from one another, getting trapped in their emotional slumps.

However, when you dig deep into the heart of Winter, you will see the real warmth surrounding many aspects of it. Children are brightened with laughter, bundling up with their parents, drinking hot cocoa and watching holiday movies. Love is in the air, paired with classy, Winter dates that bring smiles, and red noses to everyone. Colorful lights shine on the town, the smell of baked goods fill the air and echoes of friends belting Mariah Carey flood the neighborhood. Tons of joy and spirit can come out of a chilling season. So, while many view Winter as frosty on the outside, deep within there is a warmth that crackles like wood in the heat of a toasty fire.


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