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What’s NJROTC done so far?

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

by Pointer Press Staff

For the Navy Junior Reserve Officer Training Corps (or NJROTC), a new year means new team events. So far the JROTC has done the Neptune Olympics, Food Drive, and BLT (Basic Leadership Training).

The first event, the Neptune Olympics, focuses on water based activities, such as kayaking, sand castle building, and, of course, swimming. It was at Coronado, with different JROTC schools, so the team represented both the program and Point Loma High School.

Alyssa Hull, the NJROTC Public Affairs Officer said “ was a good become closer with my fellow cadets (classmates)...[building] new relationships with those I didn’t know…”

Operations Officer (planning events) James Hockbrueckner said “it was fun and [their] favorite activity was the ‘hostage’ rescue.”

Kyle Picar and her brother responded with “...we both thought it was fun! Overall [zodiac, surfing and the unit water wrestle]... was the most memorable.”

At the end of the day, the team won a trophy at third place in a kayak race.

Throughout the whole month, JROTC has also been collecting donations for families in need of food over the break. This food drive is, at its core, a tradition for the program. With November gone, all the donated goods will be going to the San Diego Food Bank to be collected and distributed. All platoons, or periods, are participating in this charity event. They’ve all worked hard to give back to our community!

Speaking of annual traditions, BLT is back! BLT or Basic Leadership Training is a mini-boot-camp hosted by Coronado High School. It invites other schools and their NJROTC to bring their underclassmen for a rigorous day of learning and training! It was a nice and sunny day, with a lot of activities packed in. There was a run to the beach, drill, relay races, and competitions! Many participants indicated that the general atmosphere was fun, but also demanding .

A sophomore, Jakob Gruenberg noted “a lot of fun. [Building ] a lot of teamwork, pride in JROTC.” He also mentioned that it is “hard, but fun.”

A freshman, Paul O’Brien said “it was fun, [to] see other kids from other schools and being able to communicate with them.”

Another freshman, Princess Andres expressed that “it was fun, but difficult at the same time.”

For them, they noted that the personal inspection was hard because of the questions that were asked.

More is to come as the year goes by! If the program sounds interesting and you like to switch in, email your counselors and the JROTC teachers.

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