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White, White, White

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

by Kalika Patel

A girl sits in the white classroom, staring blankly at the white cracks in the white walls. She observes the white windows all open, allowing a chilly breeze to seep inside the white room. Shivering slightly, she looks up at the white lights, then obeys her reflexes to instantly look down from the blinding shine of white. Here she meets her white shoes. She instinctively refocuses herself, looking straight up at her computer where she greets a white screen.

White, White, White.

Almost as if a single color is taunting her. Every direction she looks there is only white. There is no black hole to absorb the white light. No sea of blue to drown out the whitewash. Nothing but the tormenting hue of white. Shifting uncomfortably in her seat, she notices the white undertones of her shirt. She meets with it again. Her eyes carry themselves all around the classroom, away from anything that is white. However, the only thing she sees is white.

White, White, White.

She grows restless, a rapid breath builds up throughout her. She looks around. The white is enclosing in on her. Her breath quickens and her hands slightly tremble. Her chest feels tight, and she feels confined. Her head won’t stop spinning, and her ears can only hear her heart pounding. It’s only the color white, but it seems to carry with it a draining force she can’t explain. Why does a color bring upon such a reaction from her?

White, White, White.


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