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What Will Become of Our Campus

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

By: Maggie Meehan

As most of you have probably noticed, the Point Loma High School campus is currently under construction. Many of you most likely have some questions. So did I. 

As of now, they’re currently working on the 800 and 200 buildings. The 800 building has been torn down and the 200 building is under renovation. You may be wondering…are they doing any other buildings after this? When will it be completed? What will it look like when its done? Well I have some answers for you.

During an interview with Principal Becker, I asked him, “What is the initial goal of the construction, and what do you want it to look like?” 

He said that they want some “aspects of the original school, but also to be modern.” Their main focuses are on the new library and learning facility that will be located in the 800 building, green spaces, and outdoor classrooms. They want it to be an open and green learning environment. The 800 building will be the main and biggest building, with the 200 and 300 buildings connecting to it. The school will also be surrounded by a new fence for better security


Another question was, “Are any other buildings going to be worked on?” 

According to Principal Becker, the 300 building and the football stadium will also be done in this first wave of construction. The football stadium will have new bleachers, concession stands, and bathrooms. “The 800 and 200 buildings should be finished by next December, the 300 building a year after that,'' stated Principal Becker. The football stadium, though, should be finished around the same time as the 300 building. Then in following years, they are going to eventually do the other buildings on campus.

So, the construction will most likely not be finished by the time any of us graduate, but hopefully some of us will get to enjoy the new and improved 200, 300, 800 buildings, and stadiums.

Finally, I asked Principal Becker to describe the future of PLHS, and his one word replay was...“visionary.” 


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