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Pointers Football Recap

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

By Sean Clarken

Point Loma High has been part of the Point Loma community since its opening in 1925, nearly 100 years ago.  The Point Loma Pointers’ 2019/20 football season has sadly come to a close after a couple months of controversial decisions, hard tackles, and unfortunate injuries.  As a freshman, I will be one of many who are sad to see the season go. These games provided fun for students, teachers, players, coaches, and anyone willing to participate in the sport during this season.  It was a chance for everyone to get together, have fun, and experience something that they might never had seen before. Applause must be given to all three of our teams (freshmen, JV and varsity), who fought hard continuously throughout the season. 

While our varsity uncharacteristically struggled in the conference, losing all four games they took part in, our freshman team had a strong record, finishing 6-3-1. This record is an impressive one, and one that all the players should be proud of. 

Freshman kicker, Logan Ramage really enjoyed this year, saying, “It was a great season and I can’t wait for next year.”

This feeling will surely be carried by many other players, as well as all the spectators who were able to enjoy PLHS football action this Fall.


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