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What to do on a Late-Start Thursday

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

by Chelsea Plunkett

Late-start Thursdays are something all Pointers look forward to. But sometimes, students want to do more than sleep in. Here are a couple of simple activities one can do before school on late-start days.

Cook breakfast:

Often, high schoolers reach for a bowl of cereal before school. But the same kind of cereal every morning can get boring, and that's where cooking comes in. Some quick but tasty breakfast foods include banana-oat pancakes, breakfast burritos, or a smoothie.

Ride to the beach:

Living in Point Loma gives Pointers unique opportunities to connect with nature. Students living in a coastal neighborhood should take a bike ride down to the beach to clear their minds before a hectic day at school.

Get coffee with friends:

For many people, the basic cup of coffee is a morning ritual. To switch it up, get together with a friend and go to a local coffee shop to catch up and try a new kind of coffee. Some great coffee places in Point Loma include Better Buzz, Cafe Bella, and Moniker General.

Do homework:

For students who have been falling behind in a class or just want to get ahead, try to finish some homework before it's due.

Overall, late-start Thursdays are a great time to relax and take time to focus on oneself before school. It can be easy to fall into a pattern of waking up late and rushing to school every day, so the late start provides a wonderful opportunity to take some time to focus on physical and mental health.

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