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Upcoming Band Activities & Insight Into Vanguard's Win With Music Program Vice President

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

by Sophia Rosas

As autumn comes to an end, so has the marching band season. Finishing strong with a recent performance of “Bailamos” that granted the Point Loma Vanguard a 1st place win, the band is already beginning to arrange some festive melodies. Diving into the winter season, the vanguard and concert band are busy preparing themselves for their annual activities. The band is already practicing classics such as “Frosty the Snowman” and “Jingle Bells.” The annual Winter Concert will be held at 7 PM on Tuesday, December 14th at Correia Middle School, and Point Loma’s Vanguard already marched in the Ocean Beach Holiday Parade on December 4th.

To get some insight into how the members of the band are feeling about their upcoming performances and recent victory, we interviewed 7-year trumpet player and Music Program Vice President, Maylin J. Garcia.

All teams have different strengths that stem from their connections with one another and Point Loma’s Vanguard is no different. When asked about the band’s specific strong suits, Garcia describes a cohesive group that understands each other not only sonically, but also as friends.

Garcia said, “Musically, we have very good dynamics. We can all listen to each other and connect. We know when we have to get louder or when we need to quiet down so that we can let certain melodies stick out.”

This network between the band is surely what led them to their 1st place triumph. Though marching band season is technically over, the group still got to experience a gig at the seasonal OB Holiday Parade. For many juniors and seniors in the program, this was their first year experiencing the parade, since it was called off two years in a row.

Leading up to it, Garcia noted, “I’m really excited. It’s kind of like I’m a freshman too. I’ll be there experiencing it for the first time with the freshmen.”

Nonetheless, the Point Loma Vanguard and concert band appreciates all the support they can get at any future shows they may have. Marching band season ending leaves many members sad, but especially seniors who know this will be their last season competing with their friends. However, Garcia assures that she and the rest of the program will continue to be friends with all of the members and see them at other band activities and in the halls.

Garcia shared, “I’ll still see them all. It’s not like we’re leaving, it’s just that I had my last performance.”

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