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The White Collars

by Isabel Contreras

The White Collars are saving rock n’ roll one song at a time. Band members Neil Kuhn, Cameron Power, Ben Freeman, and Adam Brown are just four teenage boys, but they’re already making a name for themselves. They have been playing together for over a year with three songs released on all musical platforms including Spotify and Apple Music. “Roller Coaster” is their first released single, with over 5000 streams. The song consists of Cameron’s lead vocals, Neil and Ben’s guitar, and Adam’s drumming. At the bridge of the song, you get to hear a trombone solo performed by Ben.

They started out as a fun hobby playing for friends and family in the backyard of Cameron’s house. Their first live performance with an audience was for Cameron’s father’s birthday. Neil’s dad’s friend scouted them because he thought they could go places with the way they sounded. He is now the manager and the producer for their songs. On July 22nd, 2021 the group got an amazing opportunity to play for Rock The Park at Petco Park. Nine bands got chosen to perform and compete against one another to win studio hours to record a song! Unfortunately they didn’t win, but Neil said, “Even though we didn’t win it was a great opportunity, great experience, and a great group of people to compete against.”

At PLHS the band is very well known by most of the students. They have stickers spreading their music with their logos plastered everywhere. Everyone always has wonderful things to say about these groups of young boys and their way to success.

“Nice people, funny, and know how to throw a good show,” noted junior Sean Clarken.

“They are a group with unmatched talent and they have many hidden talents, and really good skills and ethics.” commented Dario Rios.

People at Point Loma High School are very supportive of them and always stream their songs, go to their parties and buy their merch. The Collars have a good thing going for them.

Many successful young artists, when given opportunities at such a young age, drop out of school or finish high school and skip the college route. For now, three out of the four band members are sticking to the education route and are going to different colleges as one another. They all believe that education is important for them to be successful, but if something major happens and they blow up rapidly, they will put school on the side to tour and record.


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