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How to Solve the Daily Wordle

by Chelsea Plunkett

Wordle was created in 2013, but since the beginning of 2022, has gained massive mainstream popularity. It’s a web game where you have six tries to guess the word of the day, using the letters of your previous guesses to work up to the word. There are many strategies to solve the Wordle, and this article will give you tips and tricks to solve it.

Figure out the vowels:

Figuring out the vowels is one of the most important ways to start the Wordle because it helps narrow down the word pool. Use a vowel-dense word like ARISE, ADIEU, QUERY, or HEART.

Use “common” consonants:

Once you know what vowels are in the word, use common letters like S, N, H, T, or L.

Continue to guess the word:

Don’t repeat letters that have already proven not to work, and make sure to reposition yellow letters until you get them in the right spot. Remember, correct letters might be used twice in the word.

Overall, Wordle is an enjoyable way to expand your vocabulary and get a bit of daily brain exercise.


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