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The Start of the Soccer Season

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

By Corinne Wilson

Last year, the Women’s varsity soccer team played in Division 1 against some of the best teams in San Diego. Despite their hard work and talent, they finished second to last in the division with a loss to Steel Canyon and a disappointing finish. This year, they were moved down to Division II along with La Jolla High School. Although they will be playing against weaker competition, it will not be easy.  Eight of their senior players graduated, five of which made up their whole back line of defense and their starting goalie. It appears they have taken some major losses to their line up. But not to worry as they always play their game at the top level.📷

There are some very talented young players on the 2019-2020 roster who could fill the graduated seniors shoes and step up their game. There is also an incoming goalie moving up from the Junior Varsity team, Jenna Calin, who has great potential to fill the gloves of last years keeper, “Ang.” She played a large role in the Junior Varsity teams success last year, and was a leader on the field. “She was always very aware of what was happening during the play, and helped us defenders with our jobs as well. Overall, she was an amazing captain and mentor for all our players,” said Reese Sieger, a freshman defender last year on JV, and the current captain for JV this season.

This year will be very challenging for the team with new competition as well as many new faces added to the team. However, together they can accomplish great things as they race to win Division II this year. So go cheer for your Pointers!

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