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The Roaring 20’s: Part 2

by Katie Compagnone

The Roaring 20’s- a period of 20th century economic prosperity and cultural shock that swept through the United States and Europe, following the end of World War I and the Spanish flu. After a period of American hardship, things began to turn around; the economy was thriving as a result of rapid industrialization, social changes altered gender roles and fashion across the country, and musicians introduced jazz music to a wide audience as it quickly gained popularity. An era of fun, fashion, and flappers took its course and provided nearly a decade of classic American culture.

As the one year anniversary of the pandemic passes us by and COVID-19 vaccinations become more widespread, it seems like we may finally be reaching the light at the end of the tunnel. While masks will continue to dominate our lives for the time being, the reopening of some establishments, such as restaurants, hint at a sign of normalcy. People are itching to return to a world without social distancing protocols, meaning that life for the next few years may start to mirror the Roaring 20’s.

Many who have been cooped up inside for months have begun to adapt to a carpe diem sort of attitude. You can see it already- previously regular restaurant-goers have been making the most of outdoor dining, and those who enjoyed traveling have already begun to visit countries that have their borders open to Americans. So, what does this mean for our society? As soon as social venues like clubs and party spaces open up again, it’s sure that people will flood in and take advantage of the group gatherings they’ve missed so much. Similarly to the 1920’s, the economy will experience a boom. After healing from a pandemic and a world war, the economy of the Roaring 20’s thrived. Now, people will be inclined to empty out their saved money from this past year and certain businesses, such as the food and travel industry, will gain a significant increase in the number of customers. Only one question remains- how will our society advance culturally? Will a new, popular form of music take over as jazz did or will we experience a new wave of art, such as the Art Deco movement?

While these questions may need to remain unanswered for the time being, it’s sure that times are bound to change. Get ready to experience the Roaring 20’s first hand- even if it is a century later.


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