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Spring Forward into Fashion

by Lily Slakoff

With the weather getting warmer, you can hang up your coats, because spring is here! Spring has always been known for its beautiful colors and floral patterns. Here are some of 2021’s trends in spring fashion.


This earthy color has made a huge comeback recently. Its calm hue makes it easy to go with almost every color. A zip up hoodie is perfect for Spring, as it can be worn zipped-up, unzipped, or around the waist. (Pacsun Hoodie, by John Galt, $28.00)


Pleated skirts have become a staple in fashion this past year. They’re a great way to add a preppy vibe to any outfit. Pair one with sneakers for a sportier look, or add a nice top for a more chic appearance. (Rescue Me Pleat Skirt, Pink,, $48.00)

(Women Girls High Waisted Pleated Skater Tennis School A-Line Skirt Uniform Skirts with Lining Shorts, White)


Spring is known as the season of new beginnings. Everywhere you look, flowers are blooming, and the grass gets greener, so it’s no surprise that floral is popular during this time of year. Floral prints add a fresh and fun feeling to any outfit. Whether it’s on a mask, a bag, or your clothes, it is sure to liven up any look. (Floerns Women's Summer Square Neck Drawstring Front Blouse Crop Top)


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