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The Coronado Game

By Sophia Sullivan

The longstanding PL-Coronado basketball rivalry lives on for another year! This January on Coronado’s courts, you could feel the electricity of competition, even during the warm ups. But our boys pulled through, beating Coronado 43-41.


The game started with a Pointer bucket followed by a period dominated by Coronado. The Islanders, led by Senior Caden Gentry, outscored us 37-26 in the first half. Despite being down by 10 to 15 points for most of the first half, the energy of Point Loma fans never dwindled. Cheers rang out on every shot and rebound the Pointers made.

The crowd’s energy and players’ performance increased in the second half. Junior Tyler Morris (6’7”) commanded the key and snagged rebounds out of the air. With almost a minute left, a three pointer from point guard Jakob Tonnear-Dicarlo dropped, sending a shockwave through the crowd and giving the Pointers a 43-41 lead. A last second shot from the Islanders bounced off the backboard as the buzzer sounded, capping off a 17-4 second half performance. As the buzzer echoed throughout the gym, the court was rushed by ecstatic Point Loma fans. And in that moment of pure joy and spirit, you could tell how much this game truly meant to Point Loma fans. 📷

The 15-5 Pointers will travel to Morse, at the time of this writing, next on a two-game winning streak, with the 10-11 Islanders traveling to Clairemont. Unfortunately, we will have to wait until next season to see another brutal clash between these two bitter rivals. We can only hope it will be as electrifying as this game.



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