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PLHS Jobs/Internships

By Erica Johnson

Do you want money? If you answered YES, please look over some of the job opportunities below. They are available to high school students.

Also, it is never too early to start looking for things to do over the summer. Internships are the perfect option! Whether you are looking to make money or obtain experience in a particular field, there is an internship for you.

AND FINALLY to get you excited about your future job, we have revealed below some workplace “horror stories” from our own PL students.



Junior Lifeguard Internship (16 or 17 on or before June 17th, 2019)

ThoughtStem Computer Science Internship (current Juniors and Seniors)

Summer Student Research Internship Program at the Scripps Research Translational Institute (16 years before you start)


Belmont Park--Food Service Operator

Inside Prospects-Phone and Internet Research position

Luna Grill

Pizza Nova--Host/Hostess

Junior Lifeguard Internship

Position Details: As a JG intern, you are a camp counselor for the Junior Lifeguard summer camp at Mission Beach. You help a lifeguard instructor with managing and instructing their group of kids and you help them organize beach/water exercise and games. I highly recommend this job to anyone who enjoys the beach and kids, and/or is interested in a lifeguard job in the future. This was one of the best experiences of my life!

Compensation: Yes

Requirements/Selection Process: You must be 16 or 17 on or before June 17th, 2019. You must complete a physical tryout (500 meter swim in the bay in less than 10 minutes AND 1 mile run in less than 9 minutes) which will be followed by an interview. Tryouts and interviews takes place in April. Job begins when school gets out.

ThoughtStem Computer Science Internship

Position Details: ThoughtStem is a company that offers online coding education. As an intern, you will mentor younger students in computer science and take special undergraduate level seminars. The point is to prepare you for your collegiate computer science education.

Compensation: Yes

Requirements/Selection Process: Must be an incoming high school senior this summer (current Junior) OR an incoming college freshman (current senior). You must have a strong computer science background. Check the website for more details.


Scripps Research Internship

Position Details: As an intern, you will work with multi-disciplinary scientists in research regarding personalized health care through the genomic, proteomic, and metabolomic correlates of health and disease. The point of the internship is to prepare and train you for a career in the realm of translational science.

Compensation: No. However, they will ensure that you get course credit through PL or a community college.

Requirements/Selection Process: You must be 16 this summer. Application deadline is March 11th, application is attached on the website linked below. You will be selected based on your qualifications and interest in genomics or health translational research.

Food Service Operator Belmont Park

Belmont Park is looking for teenagers that would be interested in food service. Round Table Pizza, Draft, the Ice Cream Shop, and Hot Dog on a Stick are some of the positions available at Belmont Park.

Compensation: Amount not revealed on website.

Requirements/Selection Process: Application is online.

Inside Prospects--Marketing If you are interested in marketing, this is a good opportunity for you. Inside Prospects defines themself as “a well established B2B (business to business) marketing information service.” With a Phone and Internet Research position, you would call on companies to verify business info in San Diego and Orange county. Position is research oriented (not sales), flexible hours, full or part time opportunities.

Compensation: $11.50/hour, with opportunity for raise

Requirements/Selection Process: Call 619-398-2840 or email your resume with cover letter to

Pizza Nova- Host/Hostess

Tim Schumann, a senior and host at Pizza Nova, says his favorite part of working there is the free food. He also enjoys the restaurant environment and thinks that his coworkers and managers are really nice. “I’m just a host,” Tim says, “so it’s really chill. You just give people tables and talk to them and make sure to give waiters an equal number of tables.” Schuhmann says you might also be able to work at Pizza Nova. With no application online, he recommends you go into the restaurant yourself to ask if spots are available.


When asking PL students about their work experience, the responses were mostly positive. However, almost everyone had a “horror story.” Here were some of the most entertaining.

Kyra Vaughn, who works at Wonderland Pub in Ocean Beach, recalls one time that a girl stole a reservation by lying about her name. When the real Natalie showed up for her reservation and it became clear that the fake Natalie who was seated was lying, Kyra had to sort the situation out. The fake Natalie went crazy, but Kyra was able to eventually move them. “It was really awkward and confusing and annoying,” says Kyra, “but the people, the REAL Natalie that is, was super cool and totally understood.”

Paige Teague said that she got to meet some interesting people while working at Dunkin’ Donuts on Rosecrans. “One time,” Teague said, “a lady sat at my table during my break to complain to me about how the Irish president, who she said was her father, was trying to steal her identity and money.”

Grace Schedel, a barista at Point Loma Coffee, recalls the one time she accidently gave a lactose intolerant lady coffee with regular milk. Only after the lady drank her whole cup, Grace remembered her mistake. When the lady approached Grace to tell her that her latte was “one the best drinks she had ever had,” Grace admitted to her mistake.

Oscar Bouris recalls an interesting experience at Subway on Midway. “The craziest thing that happened at my job was [being physically threatened]. A man left [something essential] in the bathroom, and I wouldn’t let him into the restroom unless he bought a sandwich. He pulled up his shirt and showed me his [weapon], so instead of arguing I let him get [it]. He ended up dropping a bunch of lighters and cigarettes as he stormed out.”

If YOU have a crazy workplace story, please text 619-204-8923 with your name and job. I would love to hear your experiences to include in the next edition.


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