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Summer Jobs

by Katie Compagnone

Summer is just around the corner, and several local businesses are ready for some new employees, including Cup of Yo, Cold Stone, Luna Grill, Jensen’s, and Souplantation. Most of these places are accepting young entrepreneurs. The law states that anybody under the age of 16 must have a work permit from school to work. You can pick up your work permit in the Administrative Office at school.

To apply for a position at Cup of Yo, just pay a visit to their website here and print up and fill out the application. Then go to the store (located on 955 Catalina Blvd.) and hand it in.

Right next to Cup of Yo, Jensen’s is also hiring. To apply for them, you have to go into the store and ask for an application.

At Cold Stone, all that is required is going to their website, and submit your resume. Don’t have a resume? Let them know how much you want to work there and be a part of the Cold Stone community!

Just around the corner from Cold Stone is Luna Grill. You have to apply online. Make sure that you follow up via email or go into the store and double check that they got your application. They want to see that you’re proactive and you want to work there.

Finally, Souplantation is also accepting applications through their website here.

And although they aren’t currently hiring, both Peet’s Coffee and JFAT (Jimmy’s Famous American Tavern) are accepting applications just in case they have positions open in the near future.


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