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CSF Club

Updated: Oct 23, 2019

By Maré Sutphen

Ben Berry, Micheal Kuhn, Oscar Bouris, Alexa Crim, and Bryce Campbell have turned C.S.F. (California Scholastic Federation) from one of the largest clubs on campus into a large community of students. The club has about 200 members, all with different experiences and interests. These students cherish the club for everything it offers them, but most of all, how it brings P.L.H.S. together. The volunteer work includes working with Habitat for Humanity, assembling food for those in need, and many beach cleanups. These amazing projects help immerse students in their community and learn the ins and outs of volunteer work.

I spoke with Ben Berry, the Vice President, and Emilie Coon, an active member. When asked what he believes the club does for the students involved, Ben answered, “I believe the club helps mobilize and engage students. The club offers an interaction with the community that they otherwise would not have.” I asked Emilie what she has gained from her time in the club, and she responded with, “ The club is a fun environment and I know I’m helping my community by being part of it.”

In order to stay an active member in the club, each student must complete 15 hours of community service per semester, with one service project organized by C.S.F., and obtain 75% attendance at the bi-weekly meetings. Also, students must have a 3.0 GPA to be eligible. At the end of their highschool careers, members receive the lifetime seal bearer membership. For more information or to apply for next semester, visit


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