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Stressing Crushing You? This May Be The Solution For You

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

by Aaron Roberts

Do you find yourself giving way to the general angst, anxiety, and apprehension of scholastic, familial, and social life? Many of these feelings are rooted in a fundamentally negative mindset and can be corrected, or resolved entirely, by utilizing “Cognitive Strategies.” They will positively alter your outlook on said issues and make for a “happier, healthier, and more successful” individual.

To achieve a more fulfilled life, one must be conscious of the “Four Pillars of the Choose Kindness Movement : Courage, Gratitude, Forgiveness, and Compassion.” There are cognitive strategies that when employed correctly are the strategies that help mold young people into emotionally and mentally stable adults. Furthermore, when exposed and applied to the larger Point Loma High community, the four pillars can help us take a step forward towards a more positive and accepting environment.

This is the basis for the “Choose Kindness Movement”(CKM), a club and organization assembled by our very own Mr. McElhaney. The focus of the club is to better help spread the message that people have the power to shape our thoughts in a way to reduce stress, anxiety, and depression. The result of which will be a reduction in drama and interpersonal conflict that we see all too often in our own community.

This club will meet in Room 1052 every other Tuesday during advisory, and this club is open to all and students are actively encouraged to participate and grow alongside their peers. There’s no real work requirements, so it doesn’t necessarily take any time away from your class workload.

For further information feel free to visit the Choose Kindness Movement for more information!


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