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Spirit Week

By Lorenzo Petska

Hello, fellow Pointers! December is here, and it’s time for some Holiday cheer! “How?” you ask. Why, with Spirit Week, of course!

Spirit Week is a familiar and well loved event, and many of you may hold fond memories of previous Twin Days, Class Colors, and prior weeks that held beach fun, as well as different eras and cultures! This week our five days of cheer go all out for the holidays:

  • 12/17 - Winter Leisure Wear! Let’s start with some leisurely fashion!

  • 12/18 - Snow Day! What’s your good snow outfit? Is it skiing? All white? College? Mountain climbing outfits? Surprise us!

  • 12/19 - Lumberjack Day! Let’s see some flannel! Show some woodland spirit!

  • 12/20 - Family Photo Day! How many twins can we find on this day? Remember, formal white, tucked in, and some good jeans. This is a twins photo day. Let’s be classy.

  • 12/21 - Ugly Sweater Day! Come on, we all have one! Let’s put them to good use and show them off!

Winter Leisure Wear Monday, why not just call it something simple? Pajamas? Holiday Fashion? Casual Christmas? Le jour de Noël? Simple, right? Non?

Simply put, this is the day to wear your finest sweater, jeans or leggings, boots and all things casual! The perfect outfit that makes you the comfiest little marshmallow to relax before a fire, sip some cocoa and prove that your fashion is superb!

On this day, all students, staff, and visiting guests are encouraged, but not required, to dress up in their coziest, comfiest, most casual gear. Relish in fine comfort throughout a fine day at a fine school, because remember, the finest schools have the finest attendance!

Let’s celebrate Snow Day with some holiday event wear! On this day, December 18th, all are encouraged to wear their best snow gear, ranging from warm coats to ski gear! Wear the warm ones, the colorful ones, the flashy ones, the expensive and the practical! If they fit, let’s see the clothes that stir cherished memories and happy stories of cold winter play, skiing or simply relaxing before a fire, warm in your trusted gear!

Tourist Day from a previous Spirit Week - we're excited to see what the Pointers come up with this time around!

Welcome one and all to Lumberjack Day! Here’s the day to bring some woodland spirit, filled with colorful flannel and perhaps some good old jeans and boots. Why, simply come dressed in that which makes you a real friend to the woodlands! Nothing gets fancier than good old flannel, eh? Remember, suspenders are quite fashionable. And don’t forget your hat!

Allow me to introduce all of you wonderful folks to our Family Photo Day! This is our day of formal beauty and handsomeness. This is the perfect day to show who your twins are, whether they be true twins, or simply your close friends! Formal white shirts, although colors may vary depending on taste, tucked in with classy pants and comfortable shoes. Come dressed your best, spruced up with your true photogenic potential on display for all to admire! Dresses are permitted, as long as they fit school regulated rules, so please, let’s keep it classy, yeah?

Ah, now here’s what you’ve all been waiting for! Ugly Sweater Day!

Tell me, was it your parents who bought you such a… delightful article of clothing? Your grandparents? Or perhaps yourselves? Today is the day to thank those people - yes, you may thank yourselves - for here one will not feel embarrassment, but pride! Let’s see what outfit mismatching can compliment your finest ugly sweater!


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