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Sophie Compton, Victor Rosas, and Manny Correia Run CA State Meet

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

by Sophia Rosas

On November 20th, seniors Sophie Compton, Victor Rosas, and Gustavo Osorio, as well as junior Manny Correia, all received medals in the CIF San Diego Championships. Sophie, Victor, and Manny qualified for the State Meet. The next step for the cross country runners and their families was to drive six hours both ways to Fresno, California to participate in the prestigious CIF State Cross Country Championships. They each crossed the finish line setting a new 5K (3.1 miles) personal record. Their resilience and accomplishments prove that with training and the right mindset, incredible outcomes can become more than a possibility.

Sophie Compton (Class of 2022)

Sophie Compton, the girls’ cross country team captain, earned the 1st place medal in the CIF San Diego Championships and a week later, thanks to an exceptional 18:21 time, got the 10th place spot at the CIF State Cross Country Championships. In the state race, out of 209 runners, only the top ten received a medal. Congratulations to Compton whose hard work granted her one of the exclusive commemorations.

Left to right, Sophie Compton, Coach Keith Delong, Victor Rosas, Gustavo Osorio.

Victor Rosas (Class of 2022)

As one of the boys cross country team captains, Victor Rosas is very familiar with the concept of resilience and pushing through pain. Rosas applied his well-known virtues while running at the CIF State Cross Country Championships and acquired an impressive personal record of 16:10. Passing sixteen people in the last mile of the 5K, he finished strong and placed 46th out of 207 runners.

Manny Correia (Class of 2023)

Only a junior, the fastest runner on the team Manny Correia got 3rd place in the CIF San Diego Championships on November 20th, making him the first runner from Point Loma to cross the finish line. The following Saturday, Correia completed the CIF State Cross Country Championships race with a phenomenal time of 15:44, which was a new personal record for him. Out of 207 runners, Correia secured the 20th place spot.

Congratulations to all of the runners who received the honor of being invited to this elite race and to have the opportunity to achieve such grand accomplishments, showing off just how much they grew this season, as runners and as individuals.

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