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Soccer Season Preview

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

by Mia Ferreira

Varsity Boys and Girls

Team tryouts ended and rosters were made official on November 15th, with the exception of injured players who had the opportunity to try out once healed. With a stressful week for both players and coaches, everyone was impressed with the dedication and effort put forward.

"After seeing the competition, I thought I had potential to make varsity but I wasn't sure I could since there were so many amazing players already on the team. Once I found out that I had made varsity, I was very excited and felt proud of myself," said freshman Amelie Jacobs.

Girls' varsity coach Ze Garcia expressed how it was “extremely hard to pick everybody, one of the hardest years yet.”

Although it was tough, teams rosters were finalized and both teams have already played several games. The girls' varsity team is led by captains Abby Bennett, Caitlin Wilson, Raya Caldwell, and Erin Denney. Their next varsity game is Thursday, December 16th against Southwest High School.

The boys are led by captains Asa Traylor, Cian Cox, Angel Avina and Emiliano Herrerias. Their next varsity game is Wednesday, December 15th against rival Coronado High School. Good luck to both these brilliant teams, we can’t wait to see them play!

PLHS girls varsity team after a fun day at practice.

Junior Varsity Boys and Girls

There were tough calls left and right for both coaches, with great returning players and talented new athletes coming in for the junior varsity squads, but only limited space on the teams. Congratulations to everyone who made both teams.

JV goalie Brooke Compagnone stated, "I was very relieved when I made the team, and going into it I had no expectations because I knew how competitive it was so I didn't want to be overly confident."

Good luck to each team in their newly starting season, game schedules will be posted on the Point Loma website ( ). Make sure to come and show your Pointer pride at the upcoming soccer games, they are very fun!

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