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Polo Gal Pals

By Ben Berry


Water Polo is one of the fastest growing sports in San Diego, and the Point Loma’s women’s team proudly leads the charge. Last year, the team won the CIF championship moving the ladies up a division. They are beyond ready for this latest set of challenges. Thus far in league play, they hold an 8-0 record sending them into playoffs on a high note.📷

Swimming in the pool might initially have the connotation of the summer. But San Diego’s winter weather can severely bum out the traditional, ‘fun in the sun’ motto that Point Loma natives proudly uphold. Despite the temperatures, the Women’s water polo team braves the water and always look forward to a celebratory jacuzzi session following a W.📷

Water polo is a physically demanding sport and for many players acts as preparation for the spring swim season. Often times, swimmers dabble with water polo just to stay in shape but end up falling in love with the game. As teammates strive for goals bigger than any individual, camaraderie forms bonds that last lifetimes. The Lady Pointers are are fearless, and I am stoked to see how their season winds up as they push one another for another CIF Championship at the next level.


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