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PLHS Coaches Leave Lasting Legacy

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

by Ava Lantis

“I truly believe that coaches are the backbone to any high school campus and that PLHS has the strongest coaching staff in San Diego County,” said Coach V in 2020.

Our school’s extraordinary coaches make sports at Point Loma High School enjoyable for the athletes through patience, integrity, and strength.

Alexandra Hannanvash and Mike Hastings, better known as Coach V and Coach Hastings, have certainly left an imprint on the school by instilling confidence in our students, on and off the field. The two beloved athletic coaches recently announced their departure from the school.

Former head football coach Mike Hastings stepped down in 2020 after 22 years of coaching. Having inspired many players during his 26 years at the school made the decision hard for him. Coach Hastings also taught AP Government in the late 90’s, so his impact on PLHS students extended far beyond athletics. However, his 148-105-4 record is most notable, highlighting his successes largely as a coach. Eight of our Pointers landed in the NFL during Hastings’ time at PLHS and his memorable contributions made it difficult to say goodbye. Though Hastings made an announcement about his retirement as football coach in 2020, he recently announced his retirement from PLHS overall.

“I have other chapters to write in my life,” said Coach Hastings, who plans to spend time with family. He also looks forward to mentoring Point Loma youth and remaining a part of the community.

Coach Hastings on the sidelines.

Coach V, former athletic director at Point Loma High, also made the difficult decision to step down from that position in 2020. She served in the athletics department of PLHS for a number of years, and expressed her appreciation for the students, staff, and the broader PLHS community.

While Coach V made an impact all over campus, she is perhaps most proud of the legacy of the Unity Game, which has grown to be a staple for the Point Loma community. It’s a unique opportunity designed for ALL students who are celebrated by their peers in the athletic arena.

Point Loma High School’s Unity Game

“It is time for me to focus on the next phase of my life and spend more time with my family,” said Coach V. She is grateful for the many inspirational moments spent coaching Point Loma students, and for the support of families during her time at the school.

Coach V

These esteemed coaches will be missed and we’re thankful for their years of dedication to the school and community.


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