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New Year, New Team

By Ben Berry


For the last couple of years, alumnus David Wells headed the Point Loma High Baseball program. The two-time World Series Champion also pitched the 15th perfect game in Major League Baseball history, a feat that only 23 have accomplished to date. Coach Wells brought an unprecedented presence to the Point Loma program. His love for the game, players, and hometown radiates throughout the community. Next time you are at local eats: Surfside Deli, Dirty Birds, or OB Noodle House, keep an eye out for any ‘Boomer’ Memorabilia. This year, a new coach has his hands on the steering wheel. Coach Solis, a long time Point Loma coach, now takes the title of head coach. Accompanied by a fearless coaching staff, the season is off to a great start. 📷

Though baseball is a spring sport, winter ball is essentially an extended tryout, workout, and pre-season that lets baseball teams start spring already in midseason form. Coaches are constantly evaluating the players for who will make the team come springtime. As stressful as this might sound, it is a time for the players to bond and push each other to new heights. The intense competition never fails to increase performance. During Winter Ball there are no cuts from the squad, providing equal opportunity for new and old players alike. 📷

Thus far, I have first hand seen the potential this year’s squad has to compete throughout the regular season, into league play, and all the way up until CIF championships. In Winter Ball, the Pointers have put up impressive numbers equally at the plate and on the mound. Three returning members of the squad are committed to Division 1 College baseball programs, a number that will only grow with time. The Pointer baseball program has a promising future and I am excited to see how the season unfolds.📷


San Diego State University - Austin Curtice

UC Santa Barbara - Jeffrey Barber

University of Arizona - Ethan Guorson

Follow for team updates, highlights, and schedule!📷📷

Hunter Otjen before and after crushing a homerun against Mission Bay High School.


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