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Monthly Athletic Spotlight (December) - Winter Sports Pep Rally

Updated: Feb 13, 2022

by Reese Sieger

Welcome to the Monthly Athletic Spotlight; December edition! This year, the Pointer Press Sports Section will be acknowledging something sports-related every month. This something can range from athletes to coaches/staff to events. December’s spotlight is the latter, an event, more specifically, the 2021 Winter Sports Pep Rally!

December marks the beginning of Point Loma High School’s winter sports season. During our fall sports season, we were unable to have an in-person pep rally due to Covid restrictions. However, in early November, we were given the exciting news that we could do an in-person pep rally for PLHS’s winter sports! This event occurred on Friday, December 10th, 2021.

The Virtual Fall Sports Pep Rally. The virtual event can be viewed through this link:

Because we haven’t had an actual pep rally in a couple years, let’s review how it works. Everyone walks to the bleachers during the activity time after 3rd period. While people are finding seats, the band performs. After that, cheer performs, and then we have a class battle. Two people from every class compete in a fun, competitive relay, and the best class wins. After that, every winter sport walks across the track as the team captains and their next games are announced. Finally, more information is shared, mostly about Spirit Week, and then people are released to lunch where they continue on with their day as normal.

More details about the 2021 Winter Sports Pep Rally couldn’t be included due to the publication deadline for the December issue of the Pointer Press, but it was a welcome return to a normal school spirit event.

One of the last pep rallies that PLHS held, the 2019 fall sports pep rally.

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