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Men Kickin' It

Updated: Feb 13, 2019

By Michelle Avina

This season’s Point Loma Men’s Soccer team, led by coach Elliot Savitz, currently holds an outstanding record of 7-2-3. The team captains this year are Seniors Julian Barrosi and Mason Berengue.

A Pointer win against Crawford High School was a tight game, especially because the Colts hold a record of 7-2. Throughout the game, both teams had an even split of ball possession and showed strong physical competition. Several fouls, freekicks, and injuries were witnessed. Even Senior Mason Berengue ( jersey number 4), received a yellow card in the first half and returned to action only after the 45 minute mark.

The first half ended with the scoreboard displaying a 1-0 score, and a goal celebration at the 40 yard line by Seniors Julian Barossi and Will Barba. Halfway through the second half, the Colts gained a penalty kick. Despite the tension, Sophomore Zane Sieger made a great save and was able to stop the ball. 7 minutes later, another penalty kick was called, but this time in favor of the Pointers. Chris Bourdon set the ball 12 yards away from the goal line and unleashed a powerful shot. Unfortunately, it was deflected by the leg of Crawford’s goalkeeper. Even though this opportunity was squandered, a second goal in overtime secured the Pointers’ 2-0 victory.

It was a thrilling game cheered on by the Men’s JV Soccer players, Women’s Soccer players, and, of course, the supportive families of the Men’s Varsity players. Point Loma holds an extremely competitive soccer program and we can’t wait to cheer on our great team at CIF Championships! The exact date has not been determined yet, but we should all come out and support our Pointers at Canyon Crest Academy!


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