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Marching Band

By Mare Sutphen

Point Loma’s Marching Band works hard every day to be the best. The concert band practices and perfects each new piece they are given, and football games would not be the same without the Vanguard’s music and cheer. To be as skillful as Point Loma’s band is not easy. They commit time every day to hone their craft and create meticulous performances.

Sean Kiyohara, a violin player, reflects on the time spent with his crew as “a nice way to be with other people who have the same interests” and a “fun way to relieve stress.” Ryan Hogue, a cello player, enjoys band because of the people. The fun energy and immense talent makes him feel comfortable but also pushes him to be better every day. Everyone involved in the band has a determined attitude towards not only their instruments, but their school work as well. Ms. Mattison does an amazing job conducting her students and helping them express their skills. She pushes her students to reach their full potential. These are just some of the many reasons Point Loma High is proud to have one of the best band programs out there!


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