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If Reindeers Are Better Than People, Is Frozen 2 Better Than It's Former?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

By Caroline Renas


Frozen, the beloved movie that has made people everywhere dress up in glittery-blue dresses, braid their hair and giggle at the idea of building a snowman for years has now returned with a sequel, and fans can’t get enough of it. The story of two sisters in the kingdom of Arendelle was brought back on November 22, and has already broken box-office records for sequels, raking about 750 million in less than two weeks. Sequels of hit movies can oftentimes flop, but this sequel has proved that when it comes to the world of Frozen, there’s no way the world will “let it go” anytime soon.

The soundtrack proves to be as catchy, belt-able, and emotional as the first movie, featuring songs such as “Into the Unknown” and “Lost in the Woods”, which you can expect people of all ages to be singing for the next while to come. In addition to a soundtrack as powerful as a frozen heart, there are major character developments, making them even more lovable. Each character faces setbacks worthy enough to make an entire audience cry, but they also grow and change to create deeper personalities than what can usually be expected in a movie targeted for children. For example, Kristoff, the adorable ice-harvester and boyfriend of Anna is now being called the “best Disney prince of all time”, and I can’t help but agree. Proving that Disney is constantly adapting to today’s modern society, Kristoff deals with loneliness and hopeless romanticism, not typical traits seen in other Disney princes. He stands by his princess’ side and helps her in times of need - he does not save her, he does not need to be become the hero in this movie. In addition, the two sisters prove time and time again to be large female role models for young girls worldwide. Anna and Elsa both go on their own separate journeys proving that princesses can save the world without anyone else, but also support each other.

After seeing this movie, my love for Frozen 2 comes out of an "open door", and "for the first time in forever" I believe this sequel will become as big a hit as it's former.

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