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How Far Will You Go to Become TikTok Famous?

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

By Molly Bell

OOriginally, the newly famous app called TikTok was named, and created a platform that incorporated music with video, and social networking. Over the last few years, it is clear that a different path has been made for this app. In September of 2016, TikTok was officially created, and somehow, becoming famous on the application has become so important to people that they take extreme measures just for views and likes. These drastic measures range from vandalizing expensive objects and trespassing, to exposing people for wrongdoings. While the app is still used to showcase people’s talents, it is also used to display comedic sketches, routines throughout the day, and lip syncing songs. 

While TikTok is entertaining, many people find it addictive. Nowadays, everyone is dominated by technology, and TikTok is just another way to kill time unproductively. However, the ideas behind the videos on this app not only inspire more actions in the arts industries but also inspire foolish decisions that wind people up in messy situations. TikTok displays videos exposing someone’s flaws, or flaws in a relationship, ruining expensive objects and clothes, and trespassing on private property to give the viewer what they want. Some people even promise that if they get enough likes, they will do something radical or extreme just to keep up the like count. 

A majority of famous creators on TikTok were originally famous on, giving them an advantage, with the same account and amount of followers at the time TikTok was released. Although severe actions are taken to become TikTok famous, there are still inspiring videos on the application. For example, there are videos of painting, crafting, sewing, music, singing, and the viewer can even see people who genuinely love their job. In fact, many songs are often discovered on this app, instead of on iTunes or Spotify. Many people take extreme measures to be known on TikTok, what would you do to be recognized? How far would you go to become TikTok famous?

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