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Updated: Dec 12, 2019

by Katie Compagnone and Sean Clarken

Homecoming Spirit

by Katie Compagnone

The 2019 Homecoming dance took place at the House of Blues on September 14 from 7-10 pm. Due to the increasing popularity of school dances, the dance was sold out, packing just over 900 high schoolers onto the dance floor, a nice change from the usual gym setting. There was a DJ that provided lots of throwback tunes, and we were given delicious popcorn to satisfy our hunger after a long night of dancing.

Homecoming spirit week also proved to be a success! Monday was Decades Day, Tuesday was Tie-Dye Day, Wednesday was Disney Day, Thursday was Tourist Day, and Friday was our annual Pink Out, a favorite amongst most of the student body. Although there were several creative costumes, the seniors took the lead with the most amount of spirit points, the juniors won second, sophomores third, and finally the freshmen earned fourth place.

Against Olympian High School, the Pointers won our Homecoming game with a score of 41-7. Go Pointers! And thanks to the eager participation of our student body, the stands were filled with pink. The class floats were also a success, with the overall theme of Elements. The seniors stole the theme of fire and took first place as the best float. They had an engaging performance, with a decked out backdrop, completed with red and orange lights. Then came the juniors in second place, making a splash with their aquatic themed float. To the entertainment of the crowd (but at the expense of junior Carson Arnold), they showed us the sheer force of their element by dousing him with water. In third place was the freshman, who received the theme earth. Unfortunately, the sophomores placed last with the theme air. The only member of the float was Ian Meyers, who did a fantastic representation of the little boy from the movie, Up.

The Homecoming spirit week, game, and dance were all highly successful. The student body loved not having to dance in the cramped gym, the Pink Out showed how much we enjoy supporting our school, and winning our game left everyone with a sense of accomplishment- EMAP and the crowd included. Now that the 2019 Homecoming craze is over, all the Pointers can do is wait until next fall for the festivities to begin again.

Homecoming dance at The House of Blues


The Homecoming Game

by Sean Clarken

The PLHS Pointers Homecoming game was a massive success as we beat Olympian 41-7 in our second win of the season. The varsity team rebounded for a big win, and the Pointers came through when we needed it the most, matching the Freshman and JV football teams, who have done well as of late. The Pointers struck first, scoring a touchdown just minutes into the game. By the end of the first quarter, we were still ahead of out Olympian opponents. And by the end of the half, we did even better, reaching the end zone four more times. During the first half, our Point Loma Pointers were fantastic, a real change to recent form, and a joy to watch for all of our supporters, both those present as well as those who didn’t attend the game.

During halftime, our very own Point Loma ASB put on a fantastic halftime show, including a performance by our Junior Varsity and Varsity cheerleading squads. The whole halftime show was without a doubt one of the most exciting parts of the night. But after the halftime festivities, it was time for the game to start again.

The second half started, as The Pointers continued their first half form, blowing out Olympian in the second half to celebrate winning our 2019 homecoming game.

Logan Ramage, a kicker for the team, was happy about this result, noting, “This is the first time that we have really blown out a team. I’m really proud of us.”

This massive win will boost morale all around and hopefully be a sign of what is to come for the remainder of the football season. Go Pointers!

Ian Myers and Nora Wade

Varsity Cheer


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