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Girl’s Field Hockey

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

by Reese Sieger

It was a tense game for the Point Loma Varsity’s field hockey team. Playing away against Madison High School on October 8th, the crowds were filled with parents and supporting friends and the Pointers won 6-0! During this game, Heather Hirsch (#6) scored three goals, getting her first hat trick (three goals) of the season, Gabby Vanderhoof (#5) scored two and Cassidy Saunar (#8) scored one. The amazing result of this game brings the field hockey team to an overall record of 3 wins and 6 losses.


Varsity Pointer break away head towards goal in their home game against Olympian on September 19th, where they won 1-0.

Along with the Varsity, JV is working hard too. Their best game was played at home against Olympian on September 19th where they tied 0-0. The stands were decently full and the game was saved by their strong defense and their goalkeeper Isabella Logan-Parker (#17). This marks the first draw of the season for the JV girls and the first time that they have not lost to Olympian.

Overall, the Lady Pointers are doing well in their games, especially compared to last year. Last year, the field hockey team struggled during games because of the small number of players. This year many people came out for tryouts, and Coach Liz was forced to make cuts! But field hockey isn’t just about games! Practices are fun too!

“Nothing is better than field hockey practice!” says Varsity sophomore Aleah Birmingham (#12).

“I love field hockey because it’s a fun way for me to exercise with my friends!” says fellow Varsity sophomore Renecia Watson (#9).

The Pointers will continue to work hard to win their last couple games in November. I encourage you to try to watch at least one of them as they are very entertaining. GO PL!


Varsity girls after winning 8-0 at home against Westview!


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