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Freshman Talent

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

by Caitlin Wilson

Baseball has always been one of the most competitive and emulous sports in Point Loma. Producing players, including former San Diego Padres Craig Settles and David Wells, baseball is a highly esteemed staple at PLHS. From the varsity roster all the way down to the freshman team, there is no lack of talent. Due to this, it is no surprise that varsity finished first in the Eastern League in 2017 and 2018. However, with this tall regard and expectation, the success of the underclassmen are often overlooked by the formidable varsity squad.


Captained by Neil Kuhn and Brevin Taft, the freshman team went 18-2 and had an overall win percentage of 90%. Furthermore, they closed out the regular season with an eight game winning streak and a win against Cathedral Catholic. Because of these accomplishments, our team at Pointer Press wanted to bring the spotlight upon these upcoming athletes of the freshman team and get some insights on a few of the best and most skilled players.


First, we questioned them on who the team’s best pitcher has been this season. Unsurprisingly, the majority of players were split between the two who have shared the spotlight on the mound for the greater portion of the year, Gavin Foster and Drew Brawner. Foster, who is said to have distinguished accuracy, has been a reliable and consistent pitcher for the team no matter the situation he is thrown into. Gavin “comes in even when we are losing and throws strikes no matter what” says Mauro Garcia. Equally as talented, another pitcher who “hits spots and changes speeds well” is Drew Brawner. Being yet another gifted freshman, Drew is one of the hardest throwing pitchers on the team. In addition to this, Brawner “always gets his job done” whether he is pitching or making defensive plays. Voted as the best defensive player, Drew again takes the crown when it comes to holding his own on the field. Playing crucial roles as pitchers, it is clear that Brawner and Foster have both contributed a significant amount to the team’s sterling performance.📷

Nevertheless, the element of baseball that draws in fans from across the globe is stepping up to the plate. And who doesn’t love a good batter? The freshman team is most definitely a prime example of a remarkable offensive squad. In fact, when asked what their team strength was, nearly all answered with hitting. They’re right. With a runs average of 10 per game and a total of 190 runs for, they traditionally outscore their opponents by large margins.

Now, speaking of batting, owning the title as the best offensive player and contributing greatly to these inflated stats is Anthony Lovato. Lovato is an exceptional slugger, often getting an extra base or two. Although, hitting the baseball far is not everything. Getting on base and keeping the inning going is also a critical component to the offensive side of baseball. Ayden Rygiel, who came second in voting, is a player that the team can depend on to get a hit when they are in need.

However, while some may have one or two superb strengths in their game, being a well rounded athlete is beyond value. Neil Kuhn, one of two captains, was elected as the best all-around competitor. Regardless of his abilities, Neil’s character and will to win has created a lively and spirited energy that surrounds the team. According to his teammates “[Neil] is the heart of our team and always puts in max effort.”

In short, freshman baseball has accomplished more than their share of achievements in the little time that the league games have granted. That’s why members of the team wanted to share why you should go watch their games next year as they transfer into their sophomore year. “Our games are always fun to watch, even when we’re winning or losing, we always make the game interesting,” says Mauro Garcia. “ Overall it’s just a fun time watching your grade play in a competitive sport,” states Ayden Rygiel, and “Everyone can play ball on our team and together we are unstoppable,” declares Marco Lopez. So, whether you are a high school student looking to cheer on your peers or just a casual baseball fan, go and support your PLHS baseball teams as their talent is sure to pour over full-swing into next year's baseball spell.



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