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Being a Freshman at Point Loma High School

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

By Jacqueline Riddle

Nearly two months into the school year, the class of 2023 are saying they know the school like the back of their hand. Ninth graders, characterized as the “...smallest fish in the pond…” by freshman Sloane Moriarty, quickly realize how different high school really is from the movies.

Freshmen at Point Loma readily reflect on their early weeks of high school.

Modern movies give teens the wrong idea of high school. Most movies portray underclassmen being bullied by upperclassmen, but how often does this really happen?

Noah Turbeville says, “False rumors in high school [are] freshman getting bullied everyday…” Not all upperclassmen hate underclassmen. Passing period is a place to walk to your next class stress free.

This freshman said it best, “It’s fun seeing new faces and seeing people you know.” However, high school isn’t always easy going like this. Unlike High School Musical 1, 2, and 3, there is no singing in the hallways or synchronized dances.

Students expect a lot more work when they come to high school, they anticipate hours and hours of homework, but to their surprise, it never comes. Academics is a big stresser for incoming freshman.

Lucinda Daniel says, “...classes are so much more laid-back,” although the students still expect their loadwork to increase as the years go on. Freshman Lucia Caputo says, “...the classes aren’t extremely difficult yet."

When we were all awaiting high school, we heard tons of rumors about Point Loma High School, but how many of those prove true? Some people hear some classes are hard, others hear that the upperclassmen are scary.

Noah Turbeville confirms a rumor, telling us there’s truth in “the vaseline railing[s].” Sloane Moriarity confirms another rumor, “...having to catch up after being absent is very hard.” However, another freshman says the rumor that people bully each other is not true.

Your fellow classmates wanted to give their best advice and encouragement. One said, “Stay close to the people who love and support you. Don’t push away your friends if times get rough. And never forget to be true to yourself and keep speaking up.”

Tivoli Freedman said, “High school isn’t that hard if your try. Try your best and make new friends.”

Noah Turbeville said, “I want people to know high school isn’t as scary as you think…”

“HIGH SCHOOL IS NOT A MOVIE,” said Lucinda Daniel.

“I would want the incoming freshmen to know that as long as you don’t spread rumors about people and don’t act like you are better than everyone, your freshman year should be a breeze,” concludes Sloane Moriarity.


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