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Fall Fashion Preview

Updated: Dec 9, 2021

by Helena Spydell

During fall, which is known as the trendy transition period between summer and winter, there is an opportunity for incredible fashion statements to be made. After all, the weather is typically cold enough to wear sweaters and boots, but some days the sun will peek through the clouds and warm the air enough for one to wear a short sleeve shirt.

It is during fall when many begin to layer their clothes. Brightly printed long sleeve shirts and sweatshirts catch the eye, while more earthy tones make their debut in the form of black leather boots and plaid skirts. Over the summer one could see Y2K trends making a comeback with their distinctive patterns and low waisted jeans. 90’s grunge was also very prominent, with denim dad shorts and overall baggier attire influencing a plethora of summer outfits.

Although both of these trends were present in the summer, during the fall is when they will really begin to make their appearance - after all, low waisted jeans and a long sleeve shirt was a staple outfit during the early 2000’s, just as combat boots and flannel shirts were crucial to the 90’s grunge movement.

One of the ways to glimpse the trends emerging during the fall is by watching fashion shows by influential clothing designers. At the moment, Louis Vuitton significantly shapes the fashion world, through their creative, innovative, and unique clothing, making it crucial to watch their latest designs.

In one of their most recent shows featuring a collection by Nicolas Ghesquière, entitled the “Women’s Fall-Winter 2021 Fashion Show,” they gave a glimpse into what kinds of fashion trends are going to become prominent in this coming season. Already, the show has more than two million views on YouTube, meaning that it has probably begun to influence a multitude of fashion choices already.

In the show itself, the most distinguishable fashion pattern presented was the appearance of oversized jackets and otherworldly boots, as well as playful colors and childlike skirts. Oversized clothing has been a trend for quite some time now, and it appears as though it will not be disappearing anytime soon. In addition, large jackets are practical for places that experience colder weather, as they are necessary in order to brave the outside conditions.

Another trend that has no sign of diminishing is that of platform leather boots. These “chunky” boots have been especially popular among the grunge/goth fashion aesthetics, although they appear to be making their way to be mainstream in the form of large combat boots. In contrast to the strappy black platform boots, childlike skirts have also become more popular recently, such as the tutus presented in the Louis Vuitton fashion show. By pairing large boots with bright skirts, the wearer of these clothes is making an incredible statement. These clothes do not seem as though they would work well together, but surprisingly, they provide just the right amount of contrast. Hopefully, this contrast will continue to present itself in the coming season.

Nowadays many fashion trends find their beginnings and endings on the internet. And, as the main users of social media happen to be in their teenage years, by observing the fashion choices of high school students, one can get a good sense of the upcoming season in fashion. As of now, students are mostly wearing clothing that could be categorized as Y2K, such as the prints on shirts and sweatshirts, as well as low waisted baggy jeans. They are also wearing clothing that became popular in the 90’s, such as flannels and boots. As the season goes on, jeans will continue to be dominant, and y2k printed sweatshirts will also make an arrival. Overall, the season may continue to produce clothing reminiscent of the 90’s and 2000’s, or perhaps something completely new and unique will emerge. Either way, the fall is an incredible season for fashion and the clothes that are worn during this season will be nothing short of extraordinary.


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