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Club of the Month

Updated: Dec 14, 2018

By Mare Sutphen

Cy Kobey and Kylie Hasting’s club, The Red Cross Club, brings students into an inviting atmosphere where they are able to dive deeper into their passion for the medical world and demonstrate the knowledge necessary to become successful in this field. The creators/presidents were driven by their desire to impact the community in a positive way while bringing Point Loma students closer together.

After meeting with a Red Cross employee and noticing the popularity of similar cubs at other schools, they were encouraged to start their club. They strive to teach students how to prepare for these disasters. This club offers participants the chance to gain the skills essential to educating those around them and to become leaders in our community, leaders that lend helping hands to the lives of those in danger.

Cy Kobey, the club’s co-president, says, “I strive to make a difference at our school and city by educating those around me and working within my club to help those affected by natural disasters, like the fires in Northern California. We want to educate our members on natural disasters and establish how we can help all over the U.S.”

This club meets every other Tuesday in Mr. Richard's classroom, room 1054. They have a remarkable 60 members. In these meetings they plan and discuss events they can host in order to raise funds for causes about which they are passionate. For example, on November 28, they held a Chipotle Night to raise money for the victims of the hurricanes in the past year. They also are planning a blood drive later this year. They urge you to come and see what they’re all about. You will not regret it.


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