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Calling All Freshmen!

By Princess Labrador

Calling all freshmen! Do not miss this amazing opportunity to apply for the Aaron Price Fellows Program, a 3-year program that selects a diverse cohort of 40ish students from 6 different high schools: Point Loma, University City, Hoover, Lincoln, San Diego, and Morse. You’ll be taken on behind-the-scenes looks at government, cultural, business, and non-profit institutions at the city, county, state, and federal levels. Our programs occur once a month on Saturdays in addition to week-long away trips during the summer. As a Fellow myself, I can say that this program is truly a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It is one of the gateways that have aided me in figuring out potential careers for my future. It has not only acted as one of my most reliable support systems throughout high school, but has also provided me with unforgettable opportunities and moments that I will cherish throughout my lifetime.


My most memorable experience with the program was the week-long orientation at Whispering Winds Camp during the summer before my sophomore year. I created tight bonds with other high school students who used to be complete strangers to me. We ziplined, sang, danced, and made delicious s’mores together. We reflected and listened to one another through various workshops that bore surprises left and right. This brought each and every one of us closer together. Eventually, in the embrace of these 45 people I once considered strangers, I made some of my best friends: the 45 greatest support systems in my life.


Everything we have learned and absorbed throughout the program for the past two years prepared us for our senior trip to Washington, D.C. The June before my senior year, themes of courage, activism, and civic engagement all came together and spurred discussions about our futures. We were able to visit the U.S. Supreme Court, meet members of Congress, and see the actual tiny desk used in NPR Music Tiny Desk Concerts! Having been labeled the “Class that Snacks the Most,” we continued living up to our reputation. Throughout the trip, we had multiple trips to the convenience store near our hotel. There was one specific night during the trip where our entire class gathered in a seating area (ironically outside of the hotel gym) and ate all the snacks we brought from our individual rooms. I wouldn’t have wanted to wrap up our final summer trip any other way.📷

All in all, this program is like no other. Its amazing facilitators and Fellows are there to grow with you throughout your high school journey and into your transition to college. I know I can always count on them to be the backbone of anything and everything I decide to pursue.

Interested in applying? Well, what are you waiting for? Applications are available online at or can be picked up in the counseling office. They must be turned in to Mrs. Soria in the Counseling Office by March 1st.

Already submitted an application? Coming April, there will be in-person interviews for Aaron Price Fellow candidates. If you are selected, you will receive a notice by mail.📷

Fellows for the Class of 2022 will be selected in May and a new class orientation will be held for new Fellows and their parents. Good luck, Pointers!


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