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Boys Varsity Soccer

Updated: Feb 14, 2020

By Caitlin Wilson

The Point Loma Boys Varsity Soccer Team had a decent regular season last year (2018-2019) finishing 3rd in City-Western League and 10th in San Diego Section Division one, both smack in the middle of the place rankings. Moreover, they improved upon their overall score from the year before (2017-2018) earning one more win to make their overall record 12-8-5 at the end of 2019. In fact, in the 2017-2018 season, the Varsity team actually clinched the Division 1 CIF San Diego 2018 Boys Soccer Championship with a win in the shootout against Scripps Ranch. By earning one more win in the 2018-2019 season than in 2017-2018, the team had great sights for CIF playoffs.

They began their hunt for triumph in the Open Division of the CIF San Diego 2019 Boys Soccer Championship. The team barged their way through the quarterfinals where they upset the 2nd seed of the tournament, Canyon Crest Academy with a defiant 3-1 win, as well as the semi-finals in which they defeated St. Augustine, the 3rd seed, in a close shootout victory. But alas, the Boys Varsity soccer team’s season would come to a heart-wrenching end in 2019 with their elimination. They ultimately were beat by the Torrey Pines Falcons in the Championship game, with a score of 2-4 in the shootout after both teams scored 3 in regular time. This agonizing shootout loss left both the players and fans that had crowded the stands this game feeling depleted. They had beat the odds by just reaching this championship as they were the 7th seeded team in the tournament, but they just barely couldn’t pull off a victory one last time.

However, this season they have high hopes and will stop at nothing to regain their title as champions. Zane Sieger, one of the goalies on the team, stated, “We are all very excited to kick off the season right, hopefully with a few wins too. We are also looking to achieve great things this year and go further in the playoffs than we previously have. And with a mix of new and old talent, I think we are set up well to have a great season.” Go support these Pointers on their journey to the championship!



San Diego Section Division 1

PL finished 10th out of 20

City- Western League Standings

PL finished 3rd out of 6

3-3-2 record

0.500 Win percentage

11 Goals for

9 Goals against


12-8-5 record

0.580 Win percentage

35 Goals For

32 Goals Against

(Close Scoring Games)

CIF San Diego 2019 Boys Soccer Championships (Boys Open Division)

2nd to last seed (7th seed)

Upset Canyon Crest Academy (2nd seed in quarterfinal)

Upset St. Augustine (3rd seed in semi-finals) in a shootout

Made it to the Championship game

Lost to Torrey Pines Falcons

3-3, lost in shootout 4-2 (Feb. 22nd)

2019 CIF Southern California Regional Boys Soccer Championship (Division 1)

Eliminated in the first round by Cathedral (3-1) (Feb. 26th)


CIF San Diego 2018 Boys Soccer Championship (Division 1)

Won Finals vs Scripps Ranch- (1-1) Shootout (5-4)

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