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ASB Ball 2022

by Maggie Meehan

After being pushed back a month, Point Loma High School's annual ASB Ball finally happened! This year it was held at the USS Midway Museum in downtown San Diego. The venue was split into three sections. One was the bag check area, where some of the interactions were located, the second was the main dance area, where tables were set up along with the DJ, and the third was the photo section.

Two of the biggest hits of this year's dance were the Flight Simulator and the rotating camera. The venue was an excellent choice, especially due to the wide array of entertainment options available. For example, students that didn't want to dance could go out on the deck and get some fresh air, or they could take pictures and videos with their friends, and if all else failed, attendees could go into the museum area and ride the flight simulators. Students also commented that the dance's music selection was much better and easier to dance to compared to this year's Homecoming dance. The only issue students had appeared to be the size of the space.

“There weren't enough students to fill the space of how big the venue was, so it felt a bit too spread out and at times awkward,” noted one student. Despite concerns about the large venue, on the whole Point Loma students seemed to enjoy the dance and created amazing memories on the special night.


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