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Alarm Clock Pep Rally

Updated: Dec 12, 2019

by Katie Compagnone

Thanks to KUSI News, the Pointers got to be on live TV during the Alarm Clock Pep Rally. On October 25, Point Loma hosted their very own morning pep rally, where the cheer squad and band performed.

As always, the band was exceptional and was a great way to start out the morning. For our second Pink Out this year, the student body didn’t fail to impress. The students that showed up to the pep rally were decked out in pink, proving once again that Pink Out is a schoolwide favorite. As usual, ASB entertained the crowd by playing a life-sized game of Hungry Hungry Hippos.

Despite the fact that the pep rally was a success, it may be too early for the majority of the student body to be able to attend. Between classes and extracurriculars, the 6:00 A.M start time doesn’t work for everyone. Cheerleader and sophomore Ian Myers agreed, “To be honest, I’m not that excited to be here this early, but I’m with the people I enjoy doing things with.” However, the later in the morning it got, the amount of students increased- the once empty stands became so packed that some people even had to stand on the edges of the court!

Although the event was geared towards students, it largely took place during 1st period, making it unavailable to most. The majority of the people who wanted to support our school didn’t have the option because of the time the pep rally was scheduled at. Nonetheless, the Alarm Clock Pep Rally was a special opportunity to show off our school spirit an exciting way to start out the morning.


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