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Ayessa's Advice

Updated: Jun 3, 2019

By Ayessa

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Dear Ea,

I can’t study. I have no motivation to finish off this year. I’m absolutely sick of all my classes. It’s so much easier to just hang out with people and ignore the work piling up. Any advice?

Can’t Study

Dear Can’t Study,

A few more weeks and it is officially summer. Imagine the warm sand, the cool breeze, the summer sun against your tanned skin all day long. I know, I can’t wait either. But before you can actually enjoy your summer, we have to push through these last few deadlines. It’s not going to be easy. Finding the motivation to do well during finals will be even harder. So, my advice for you: breath.

You’re almost there. No need to stress out. Keep working hard to finish the year strong. You got this! If you played your cards right the whole second semester, you should be breezing.

If you didn’t though, it’s time to catch up.Spend one Saturday by yourself at your local coffee shop or library and study. Also, make a playlist. Put songs on that help you focus as opposed to dance. If you are really desperate, delete your social media or anything distracting apps you have. I know I tend to check my phone more often than studying. You need to focus, delete that app. I know it sounds very tempting and hard, but don’t punish yourself either. Try taking a fifteen minute break every hour you study. During that time, grab a healthy snack, stretch, turn up the music and begin a dance break.

Whether you played your cards right or not, it’s not time to slack off. You can do anything, except maybe getting your 65 up to a 90. Be realistic. You can however raise that into better grade by using the tips I have provided above. I know you can do it. Good luck!

Yours truly,



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