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Winter Staples

by Rennie Anderson

As winter rolls around, people begin to pull out their winter wardrobe from a year long storage. Many of them enjoy winter fashion, and find it more inspiring than summer and fall fashion. They tend to look for clothes that are practical and warm for the cold season, but are also fashionable. Long skirts, sweaters and Doc Marten style shoes are three winter fashion staples. Each year these items make their appearance in some way or another.

Skirts are always in, summer, winter, you name it! Especially as winter rolls around and the temperature starts to drop, long skirts are the perfect option. They add movement to an outfit and keep all the appeals of skirts while keeping warmth. Although pants are a staple for any good wardrobe, they don’t bring the same feminine flair or have the same statement that skirts do.

Skirts are versatile as well, as they can be made out of a plethora of different fabrics, with countless patterns. Long denim skirts have recently been trending.Though they have been thought of as tacky or outdated in the past few years, they are slowly making a comeback. Long skirts tend to be printed, having a wide variety of different patterns, including different geometric shapes or flowers. There’s nothing wrong with a plain skirt as well; it's a classic.

Like skirts, long dresses are another winter essential. They have the same effects as skirts, adding movement and femininity to an outfit while keeping the warmth for winter. Long dresses and skirts tend to have a stigma around them, being thought of as tacky. However, like anything when styled right, they can be the perfect winter piece. They can both be dressed up or down depending on what they are paired with. For example, skirts can be paired with a simple tee shirt and sneakers for an everyday look. A baby tee under a long dress can add warmth as well as achieve a casual look. To elevate both, pair them with loafers or a pair of Doc Martens, some classy jewelry, and for the skirt a nice blouse or sweater.

Sweaters are a winter and fall essential. Year after year, season after season, sweaters make their cold-weather comeback. The perfect piece of clothing for winter, they are warm, cozy and fashionable! They are perfect for everyone, with endless styles and patterns there is one for everyone. Oversized sweaters are particularly in style right now. Usually extra chunky for extra warmth and size, these sweaters are typically one color with an interesting knit pattern.

Silly sweaters are also quite the statement. These are sweaters that have fun patterns or designs on them. Some are printed on, others made and stitched into the sweater. These patterns consist of everything, some just being fun patterns while others have aesthetic designs like flowers. On the other hand, they can be just straight up goofy, maybe with a silly picture or phrase. Christmas sweaters are the ultimate silly sweater, being the expectation for what all silly sweaters should look up to.

To finish off the winter essentials are the shoes, which often consist of a low top loafer, Mary Jane-type shoes or, most popularly, Doc Martens. An above the ankle frilly sock is the perfect finishing touch for any winter outfit. These shoes scream winter - a snow day inside the library - and are a perfect match for a long skirt and sweater. Chunky versions of these shoes, which have high platforms, are also a stylish option. Shoes like these go with any outfit and are simple yet stunning. Statement socks keep in warmth during winter while still adding to the outfit.

With so many ways to make statements during the winter, it is understandably a very fashion forward season. Having winter essentials is crucial to making good outfits and keeping warm. Long skirts and dresses, sweaters and loafers are the perfect start for a cozy winter wardrobe.


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